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Bunnies & Bows Costume inspiration post!

4 May

Hope you’re all ready for the epic “Bunnies & Bows”-themed costume contest being held this Saturday at the big opening party at JapanLA!

The categories of judging will be:
Best in Bunny
Best in Bow
Best in BOW! (the grand prize!)

Prizes include gifts from Chubby Bunny and Sugarpill cosmetics! I also hand-made some cute prize ribbons for the winner!

Judging will be done by a special guest judge panel of fashionable friends, and done at 9pm sharp so make sure you’re there on time!

Need some inspiration for the costume contest? No worries!

You can go the “Bunny” route pretty easily by using random objects to make little bunny ears! Or even sculpt your hair into ears!

Slightly askew bunny ears are very cute!

ENORMOUS fabric bunny ears!

You could probably recreate this with a litle bit of fur and a battery operated light..! So cute!
OR you can go with the BOW theme and go super crazy with cute bows in your outfit and hair!

No matter what look you decide to go with, just make sure you have FUN!
We’ll see you Saturday!