Meet “Bunnies & Bows” artist: Shannon Shea: In 2 words: BUNNY PEGASUS.

28 Apr

All of the artists I chosen for the Bunnies & Bows event have influenced me on a creative, professional, or personal level in some way. I’ll be introducing some of the artists who have been sending me in their progress shots for the Bunnies & Bows gallery (debut & opening party May 7!) here!

Shannon Shea

Shannon's the one on the right.

Just take a look at this girl. Go ahead, LOOK AT HER. Willing to be fake-strangled by Darth Vader for the sake of hilarity. A true winner!

Shannon (right) and I (left.. with sorta normal hair!) at a summer festival in Kyoto, 2007-ish.

Shannon Shea (no, not Darth Vader) is a very good friend of mine that I met while living in Japan. At the time, she taught at a special needs school in Shiga, just outside of Kyoto, while I was putzing around working in Osaka (just an hour or so train ride away from Kyoto for those who don’t know). We were introduced via mutual (nerd) friends, and it was super duper love at first sight. We had a very similar sunny outlook on living and working in Japan, and shared a ton of common interests, like awesome clothes and taking really ridiculous looking purikura pictures.

Shannon currently lives in Portland, the land where young people go to retire (go watch “Portlandia” if you’re confused), where she is busy being awesome. Shannon is one of those rare people who is super creative and fashionable and is NOT all over the internet all the time! She has a Facebook, but that’s set to private, and she’s not on the world of Twitter, tumblr, or online blogging. She is very private and is one of those people who treasures and nurtures her friendships and keeps a close group of friends. She is such a sweetheart and I am very happy to be her friend ❤

I recently visited her and asked her to be part of Bunnies & Bows to introduce her work to the SoCal art scene, and she was pretty thrilled. She will be unable to attend the exhibition opening, but we are hoping to get her to come down to LA soon! I hope that everyone will enjoy her art!

Here’s her bio info:

Originally from Oroville, California, Shannon graduated with a BFA in Electronic Art from California State University of Chico before moving to Shiga, Japan for three wonderful years of fun and cultural immersion. Shea currently resides in Portland, Oregon, and is working with adults with developmental disabilities at Project Grow, creating art and filming various projects. Shea finds inspiration in all things cute, pastel and ’80s.

And here are some views of her finished work! It’s pretty jawsome in person, so I hope you all can make it to the exhibition to see it! I am just all sorts of WOW about her character choice for this… BUNNY PEGASUS, YOU GUYS.


Name of work: Happiest Sky
medium: Acrylic and Ink
size: 23 1/4 ” x 33 1/2 ”
Price: TBA

For all purchase inquiries, you can contact me at iamchubbybunny (at) gmail (dot ) com! Stay tuned for more artists’ previews for the Bunnies & Bows show!


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