Japan Earthquake Awareness Ribbon!

Hey everyone! For the #PrayForJapan Art Fundraiser this Saturday, I decided to create some awareness ribbons to promote awareness about the Japan earthquake & tsunami and encourage philanthropy for the cause.

I’m sure an “official source” will come up with a ribbon for the cause eventually, but at least for this weekend, I would like to introduce to you the ribbon I created!

I layered red and white, as those are the colors of Japan’s national flag. Although I’m not really “official” I’d like to propose that we use this ribbon for the sake of aiding and remembering Japan during these desperate times.

These will be sold at the #PrayForJapan Art Fundraiser for $1 each, and ALL proceeds will go to the Japan Red Cross to aid relief for Japan. I’ll be making 200+ of them at the speed of light!!!

There are so many other organizations and individuals who are hosting charity events for Japan, and I encourage them to also make a ribbon to sell and donate the proceeds to the Red Cross. Real quick, here is what you need to make it– it’s simple!

The ribbon can be found at any craft or fabric store. I got these from Micheal’s craft store. The white ribbon is a white grosgrain, about 3/16″, and is $1.50,and the red ribbon is satin, 1/4″ which is $.50. Measure out a little less than 7 inches and fold over, using a safety pin or hot glue to keep it together!

We are very busy prepping for this last minute event! We hope you can make it, or make it to one of the many other charitable events hosted by innumerable organizations this weekend!

Giant Robot, Los Angeles
*Advertising awareness.

Q Pop shop, Los Angeles
email: chris@qpopshop.com
*Now accepting artwork for their “Help Japan” exhibition, opening March 18, 2011.

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
*Artist Fawn Fruits will donate proceeds from his “Sweet Imperfections” exhibit to relief efforts in Japan, opening April 1, 2011.

Metldown Comics Gallery
*The “Magical Girls” exhibition will accept monetary donations to the American Red Cross during opening reception, April 1, 2011.

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