“Miss You” Window Display

13 Feb

We finished installing our first window for my window display class 2 weeks ago!

The theme was “Late 70’s”, and we were assigned a “rock star’s dressing room.” More like set design than window dressing, really BUT! it was still good experience!

We built the table from scratch, and I made the entire vanity mirror from an old gross mirror, Christmas lights with changed out bulbs, and FOAM CORE. Pretty proud of that, to be honest. We reupholstered the chair on the right, made the stool in the middle out of an ikea table, got a random door from goodwill, made the door frame from foam core, colored in the blowup of the Rolling Stones album cover by HAND (we had such a tiny budget it saved us a ton of money that way), and made the mannequins clothing from scratch. A little “literal” for my tastes, but at least I got to build things. I’m hoping that I can be more abstract in the next window we do, since we have smaller groups, and I might have greater control over how things look than in this one.

Can you guess which are mine on the rack and on the floor? hehe.

I framed that printout of Mick Jagger's face kekeke.


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