QPop Shop Opening party!

30 Jan

Little Tokyo finally has some fashion to speak of! My buddy Chris, who I met during all of the 6% DOKIDOKI madness in Los Angeles, just so happened to also be the owner! Surprise!

The opening of Qpop Shop in downtown Los Angeles was actually a month ago or so, but they finally threw a very successful opening soiree Saturday night. People littered the streets outside the shop, and filled the store to capacity inside. Tune In Tokyo DJed the event, and free Kirin beer kept customers happy and BUY BUY BUYING! Make sure you leave them a nice Yelp review, everyone!

The store boasts hard-to-find Japan brands such as Algonquins, Swimmer, Sex Pot Revenge, and Superlovers (my personal fave!). They also host a slew of unique artwork for sale, Tshirts, gadgets, and just about anything for the average Japanophile.

It was great to see a lot of old friends at the party! Pics below… in this order:

Jenny and Danielle Hill, rockin it!

Kali, one of the artists for the event, and her boyfriend ❤

Kali's adorable artwork for Qpop Shop, done on wood.

More superfun artwork on display.

Sooo much Swimmer merch! I love the kitschy stuff from there!

POWER TO THE MUSHROOM! God, I love a good nerd tshirt!

Rings eeevrythere!!!

A good mix of Swimmer, random cheap brands, and other imported jewelry.

Emi, whom I haven't seen since 6% Dokidoki craziness in San Francisco, and me!

Sir Andrew is looking super dapper in his suit! He just came from Chinese New Year celebrations with his family... aww!

Jenny was my date for the night ❤ We even got a romantic drink afterward at Fuga!

Stephiee (center left) and Bebe (center right) showed up too! Stephiee and I were SUPER matchymatchy that night haha!

Lovely artist Misha was there, too of course! Little Tokyo is her HOOD, man!

Stephiee the food mistress leaves no free eggroll un-investigated!

Sandy in her super cute half-colored wig and Lolita garb!

Julie was there, too! It was like a Sanrio reunion! haha

I really hope the store does well and continues to supply me with cute things to drool over for many years to come! Also, I’m hoping to release some Chubby Bunny goods there in the future, too! Yay! Make sure you all take some time to visit! ❤


One Response to “QPop Shop Opening party!”

  1. EMi January 30, 2011 at 10:17 pm #

    It was soooo good to see you finally all that time!!! ❤
    Hopefully we'll have some izakaya loving time soon 😉

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