Monster of a Time

11 Jan

I’ve been purposefully making sure I can go out and socialize as much as possible in the first few weeks of January, because my schedule of over working and not seeing my friends is coming soon…!

So, if these last couple of posts makes you think I’m a party animal, you may be correct only for another week or so, haha.

Will and I purchased a superfancy electric skillet from Mitsuwa, so that we can host our own yakiniku, shabushabu, and sukiyaki parties at our home eventually! We tested it out for the first time last week and had some nice yakiniku times. Here’s a quick pic of the pre-meat action setup.

You'll note the face that it's not even on a table.. it's an upside down bulletin board on top of a box, haha. We need furniture...

Saturday morning provided some downtime for us, so I made an attempt at a different DIY nail style, with sort of half-assed results…

This is totally the better of the two hands. I'm right handed, so the nails on my right hand look like a battlefield! Next time, it would be better if I bought one of those nail pens to do the black! You'll also notice I have inadvertantly done the VIVA JAMAICA colors lol.... dammit!

Saturday night, we went out to the Anime Babes Burlesque & Cabaret show at Bordello Bar in Downtown Los Angeles. Last year, this same crew did the Star Wars & Video game burlesque, and it was a huge hit– I was sad I didn’t go! But this time, we braved the chilly streets to check out the show…

For the occasion, I wore my dress that I've named "The Tron Dress", even though it's just a regular dress I purchased online, haha.

The show itself was pretty amusing, with burlesque dancers dressed up as Pikachu, Tokyo Mew Mew, Trixie (it wasn’t really her outfit though… just a generic “racing girl” costume.. gah I’m a perfectionist!), Lust from Full Metal Alchemist, and Rei from Evangelion. I wasn’t really able to get a proper photo int he dark club with my phone, but you’ll find the rest of the proper photos up on my pals’ LA Weekly article here!

Sunday I had a nice work-related adventure downtown grabbing supplies for an upcoming party that my co-owned company Bubble Punch are throwing with Onch! I always get super tired after huge adventures like that, so I NEED to replenish my HP bar with some bacon covered hot dog goodness!

Well, I know you all LOVE my crappy fuzzy phone pics, but I finally got my new camera in the mail! May it live longer than its predecessors (I am a camera killer, and accidentally ruin all cameras I have in about a year. SADS). This little tyke shall be named.. THE RED DEMON. THe red is so bright it’s almost orange..!

Other than that, last week was really keen and relaxing. Monday brought on a slew of really terrible events, which I’m working hard on keeping my mind off of this week. Please excuse any emo-ness you may find on my twitter and such. But hey, more inane blog posts about absolutely nothing for you guys woo!

Stay warm, my friends!


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