Spectres of the Past <3

6 Jan

I am incredibly happy to be back in Los Angeles, cleaning and decorating my apartment, and seeing my LA friends again! Also, a SPECTRE OF MY PAST (titular line. TITULAR LINE!! haha) showed up in LA this week, the lovely and talented Megan Maude, and  her husband Austen, which I met via THE LIVEJOURNAL many moons ago on the EGL community BACK WHEN THERE WERE NO MODS, GUYS. REMEMBER?

Yeah, we are old school. And old. Haha. They are staying with my buddy Sheyne, and invited me out to some hangout times this week with them! On Tuesday we ventured out to the La Brea Tar Pits, since it was free entry! I’d been a bunch of times before. I really like their wall of Dire wolf skulls! Look at these things! So many, and all found in the tar pits!

We poked around the museum and the tar-smelling park for a bit, then went to Milk for some sweets satisfaction! I was finally smart enough to ONLY get a milkshake this time, and not a meal + milkshake, which usually makes me go KAPUT for a bit. Everyone else had a meeting to go to after that, so I went around to Koreatown and grabbed my buddy nicole for some intense Korean food-ening! We drove over to Kobawoo House for some nomnoms!

Huge line outside means you KNOW it's gonna be JAWSOME!

We patiently waited outside for a good 30 minutes and were rewarded with super fast service, cute waiters (I’m trying to hook Nicole up with one of them), and deeeelish food!

We also got the Makkoli (unfiltered korean rice wine) and was kind of intimidated by the BOWL of it they gave us with a goddamn LADLE!!! SO INTENSE!

We tried to eat it all, but it defeated us in the end THIS is how much we had left over!! Wouldn't even fit in the box! HAHA!

After that epic feast, we padded over to Villains Tavern for some chill drinks and that weird sand-y, shuffle-y board, looking game that’s not quite shuffle board. God I am descriptive. No photos of that because the place is all outside and my phone camera can’t take photos in the dark 😦 POO!

On Wednesday, I had some quiet time to myself so I set about cleaning my office and doing a little decorating. I managed to get up some decorations around my fireplace!

Clouds are from my old apartment in Japan, and the "art" you see are color theory projects of mine from FIDM haha... You can see the corner of Niblet's cage there, too...!

I’m excited to decorate more as I start to accumulate more stuff! I’m currently seeking a dining room table and chairs…!! I ordered some rugs off the internets, and those should be coming in the mail soon, which I’m super excited about! I spent $99 on 23 carpets because there was some crazy sale going on right before New Years! Yay!

After decorating, I dressed up a bit to head over to Sheyne’s place for a nighttime barbecue!

Shirt: Goodwill, Belt, skrt & necklace: H&M, Socks: Target, Bloomers: Bodyline, Boots: Irregular Choice (sample sale!)


I had a wonderful time! I picked up Will, and although it took us over an hour to get to Burbank because of traffic, it was totes worth it…(And we were STILL the first ones there! haha). Met a lot of cool peeps, saw all my old buddies, and of course got to hang with Megan and Austen again! It turns out they aren’t leaving until Sunday, so there will be more time to catch up with those two 🙂

I feel like a jerk for not taking more photos of other people for my blog posts, haha! It mainly has to do with how SLOW my camera is on my phone.  I hate HATE HATE using my phone to take all my pictures (my last camera died in a freak water accident)! But you dedicated readers won’t have to suffer through my crappy blurry pictures for too much longer.. I just ordered a new camera yesterday via Amazon and it should be here soon! THEN YOU CAN SEE FOR REAL PICTURES AGAIN!

Alright, time to clean a bit then head to my eye exam! YAY for being blind!


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