Day 9, 10: The End and the Beginning of Things

6 Jan

I like making up hokey titles for my blog posts, in case you didn’t notice :3

This is my last entry about Pittsburgh things, so if the last couple of entries have been boring you to tears, you will have a sweet release soon. If it’s the opposite, then.. well, tough cookies, I guess.

On New Years Eve, I started off the day by donating 8 boxes of books to the Carnegie Library in Oakland. Goodbye all of my cheesy Tokyopop manga! May you find love in the arms of another child! I did, however, salvage my old Gothic Lolita Bibles and Garfield books. I’m a dummy.

The library is connected to the Carnegie Natural History Museum, so Will and I decided to check it out since I haven’t been since high school..!

Fossil lab where the kiddies can watch real dudes sweeping dirt off real fossils! The guy was actually really cute and was waving to all the kids plasterd to the window πŸ™‚

Stick your hand in it's mouth to donate to the museum. Haha.

There was a really keen minerals and gems collection! This one looks like a dragon. I'm a nerd, so I think that's cool.

Alligator-dinosaur fossil =D

Will likes bones. Hurr hurr....

This enormouse prehistoric fish fossil picture is dedicated to True Mee =D (She is scared of the ocean and the things living in it)

This was actually a pretty terrifying display


A little dark, but this was a pretty cool display! Moving water lights and scary underwater dino fossils!

From the fossils, we saw the bird portion of the museum... This is so, so wrong. Showed different kinds of famous "birds" like Toucan Sam, and cartoon characters, with a dead bird next to it for reference.

The Carnegie museum and library have retained a lot of its original awesomeness in its inner structure despite having been remodeled several times. This "great staircase" leads to other exhibits.

I went to high school up the street from the museum. Here's a view from one of the windows, with the Pitt Cathedral of Learning on the left, and Heinz Chapel on the right.

Part of the newly remodeled museu entrance, with Will lookin perky πŸ™‚

The museum is really worth the admission ($15 for adults, $11 for students), and includes the natural history museum, museum of architecture, and the modern art museum (which was kinda BLAH). The building itself is nice to poke around in πŸ™‚ Also, the Carnegie Library is still one of the most beautiful libraries I’ve ever been in, and is free to go in and poke around, of course. They did a major renovation while I was in college, so there are super “modern” interiors in some of the new wings of the building ❀ SUPPORT YOUR PUBLIC LIBRARIES, PEOPLE!

We finished up with the museum and scooted back to my parents’ house to get ready for our evening festivities. We had booked a table at Sing Sing down at the Waterfront, which is a dueling piano bar. It was actually pretty fun and cheesy, as expected, and I was happy that my old college roommates were able to join us that evening! We got drunk, one of them got “cut-off”, a member of our party went missing (a victim of “drunk wandering” as he has always been prone to do), we found him wandering around the parking lot, and we ended up back at my house at 2am doing sparklers in the backyard. We are little nerds at heart!

New Years Day consisted of the traditional “Laying around the living room in a hungover state”, placidly watching the Rose Parade on TV, and then a college football game of Penn State vs… someone else, I don’t remember. Poor JoePa (aka Joe Paterno, the 70+ year old coach of the PSU Nittany Lions. Everyone loves him so much that he NEVER RETIRES o.o)! He is so old and doddering and WHY is he still coaching the Nittany lions??? We suspect he is just the puppet coach, and there is another team actually “coaching” the team, because in every shot of JoePa, he is never wearing the headset thing, he’s never really talking to anyone in particular, just sort of yelling at the air, and he always looks lost and confused. :/

Will (left), and Neil (right) one of my college house-mates

All my old house-mates from college: Caitlin (right), Ben (center), my ex boyfriend from college, and Neil (left) being hungover and hanging out in the dining room eating pancakes

In the midst of this hungover day, where all of my friends were still lounging around my living room for the entire day, my mom made us some awesome scallops and stuffed mushrooms. NOMNOM.

Everyone headed home shortly after scallop-feasting, around 4pm, and Will and I headed home only to be faced with yet another huge meal. A giant ham.

And thus concludes the adventures in Pittsburgh. It did NOT, however conclude our string of TERRIBLE luck which started at Pittsburgh International Airport. We traveled out on January 2nd, which we were supposed to have a flight that went to Cleveland, and then went on to Los Angeles. The flight to Cleveland was canceled due to MAINTENANCE (not even weather), and the only other flight they could offer us was at 7:30Pm the FOLLOWING DAY. They refused to help us find a flight on another airplane and were just douchebags all around. They told us we could make our connection if we rented a car and drove… so that’s what we did! Thanks to my heavy-footed driving, we made it from Pittsburgh to Cleveland International in 2 hours. I am amazing. We were able to toss the rental car back to Budget rental, run to the shuttle, and make it to the airport in time for our connecting flight. Those assholes didn’t even offer to pay for the rental NOR eve offer us a refund on the flight that was canceled!! Totally d-baggery, so I ended up calling their 800 help line and screaming at bitches until we got a partial refund :p it barely covers the cost of the rental and won’t be “processed” for another 4 goddamn days. YOU GO TO HELL, CONTINENTAL AIRLINES.

Ok, so THAT concludes our crazy trip. I am not anxious to go back to Pittsburgh again anytime soon, and god am I happy to be back in Los Angeles.


One Response to “Day 9, 10: The End and the Beginning of Things”

  1. prettystarclothing January 6, 2011 at 11:19 am #

    My heart just broke a little for Toucan Sam 😦
    And WTH? They didn’t even pay for your rental car!? Unbelievable!

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