Day 7, 8: The Town That Roger Built

31 Dec

If you’re wondering what happened to day 5 and 6, just… don’t ask. These were dark days…

Moving right along, in reference to the title, you may think “Roger, who?” MISTER Rogers, of course! Did you know that Mr. Rogers lived and recorded in Pittsburgh? His recording studio was right next to the all-boys’ high school where I participated in band and musical theater clubs. Pittsburgh has often been voted as one of the best cities to live in, and most friendliest cities in America. It’s bizzarro to drive around and have other drivers let you pass, not cut you off, and let you back out of a space before going forward.. Angelenos are nothing like this…! But all that good comes at the price that working young adults from ages 22 – 38 have really FLED the city… While poking around town it was rare to see anyone my own age, and if I did, from overhearing the conversations, it sounded like they were all just home for the holidays like myself.

On day 7, I went to Gullifty’s, a staple of Pittsburgh, which is often voted for BEST DESSERTS of the city. If by BEST I guess they mean HAS THE MOST PIT AND CAKE, because it was really so so to me. I remember in my youth going there for first dates, post-musical celebrations, and cheesecakes, so it was nice to go there and be nostalgic with my old high school buddy Mary Beth.

Afterward, we hit up “Silky’s” across the street, a Squirrel Hill college bar favorite of my brother’s back in the day. They were airing both the Penguins hockey game and the football game which has been postponed until Tuesday, so the crowd was pretty amped. The garb of choice for patrons of the bar were Penguins jerseys. It was surreal, but felt like home, haha. This town is so hung up on sports, which always made me feel like I Was taking crazy pills.

On Wednesday, one of my best buddies from college came around and we spent the day together exploring the city. Neil and I used to share an apartment with 3 other people when we were at Penn State, but now he lives in Florida doing geoscience related things while I am at the other end of the country. Every time I see him, it’s always as if nothing has ever changed, but unfortunately, I know that’s not really true. We are older, with more problems, and I’m always extremely saddened that time and distance keep us apart. But enough of this wishywashy crap, on to pictures of adventure times.

Neil was the original co-adventurer of mine back in the day. We used to get into a lot of trouble exploring areas clearly marked NO TRESPASSING, haha. Yesterday we drove down to where the Science Center was, with some vague notion we might go in there if we felt like it, but found a ton of other adventures to have instead.

They had made a pop up ice skating rink next to Heinz Field (yes, Heinz like the Ketchup… made in Pittsburgh, yo). We people watched for a bit, with downtown Pittsburgh int he background.

Then we found some old statues to mess around with nearby…

Neil trying to be as epic as this dude, a statue commemorating the service of policemen.

This terrifying thing is supposed to be a statue of Mr. Rogers. Uhm, with really disproportionate feet. Neil is doing a pretty epic SUPER-RUN-AWAY pose here haha

Hanging from his hand. Yup, that's what I do!

Right next to the science center is this huge submarine that you can go into, SHOULD YOU ACTUALLY HAVE A TICKET TO DO SO. We ran around on deck for free, anyhow. Sort of a random thing to have chillin in the river.

We thought we’d be out of things to do after that, but we glanced over and noticed, HOLY SHIT they built a CASINO right next to the science center and Heinz field!!! WHAT! IT was a pretty fancy building, but we nonetheless scooted our ghetto butts over there and grabbed a cocktail and enjoyed the sad scene.

Lord of the Rings and Star Trek slot machines side by side.

After this, Neil and I went to his mom’s house for FAMILY GAME NIGHT. I am not sure what kind of families do these kind of crazy bonding things, but it was really fun… so wholesome! First we played with a huge box full of his old Nerf gun toys, then his whole family including cousins, uncles, and aunts sat down and played Telestrations— I game we used to play in college, but without all the fancy dry erase boards. Basically, you start with one phrase, you try to draw it, the next person tries to describe that drawing and so on.. like a game of telephone using drawings instead whispering. Sounds lame, but oh my god we laughed FOREVER AND A DAY. 2 pics of the best…

This one started as "Cartwheel," and ended up as "HAND PANTS."

Started off as OIL TYCOON.. and.. got racist very quickly haha...

Soo yeah. GOOD TIMES!


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