Day 2, 3: The Wee Hours Before Christmas

27 Dec

I just really wanted to use the word “Wee” in one of my subject titles for once.

After my first day of zen-like relaxation, it sort of went downhill from there because I got cabin fever REAL fast. If you know me well at all, I’m sure you’re all doing that awfully annoying “I told you so” eye roll thing. ROLL AWAY, SUCKAS.

On the 23rd, I managed to roll out of bed and go to magical Wal-Mart, the place where dreams go to die, to pick up prints of Xmas cards for my sister. Having not actually been to a Wal-Mart in almost a year, it was pretty magical. Observe. (Can’t fix the formatting on this first photo, oops).

Zhu Zhu pets!! Look, they have gay sailor versions and ninja versions!! SO CUTE!

Alien baby makers!! WHOO HOO!

Only $15 in the name of Bieber-ism. I'M IN!

While looking at potential baby gifts, I found this gem. Just poop right IN the dog, son! He likes it!! AHHA

In every language, this elmo toilet can encourage your kids in ways that parents cannot possibly do. Why bother actually interacting with your children when your electronic toilet can do it for you? How unnescessary!

After that semi-harrowing experience, I was in awe of the “low-low” prices of things such as furniture and home appliances. If there were enough room in my suitcase I’d buy a cheap dining set, but alas! It was good to at least get out of the house and see the wintery winter, as it were.

Back home, I wrapped up gifts for my family, and one for one of my college friends. This was my wrapping paper of choice this year, but unfortunately I ran out when it got to my parents’ gifts. Oh well! They probably would not understand the robot elves.

I particularly like the lip balms I wrapped for my friend in the left corner, that ended up looking like an artistic Santa's crotch. I mean.. it IS Santa's crotch....

Oh yeah! Right before I came back to Pittsburgh, I got my hair re-cut by Kazu ❤ He is the best hairstylist ever! He basically just did some maintenance on my locks and got rid of the weird mullet that was coming in haha. I redid the color myself the next day, pretty much the same as it was before, but with more blue mixed into the pink to make it a nice pink/purple and no yellow this time for the simple reason that.. I ran out of yellow and didn’t realize it haha. Just pink, blue, and a brighter green this time!

I’m mentally doing that thing where I’m super tired of how I look and want to drastically change it somehow. Not sure what that will result in, but I guess just keep a look out next year for the Michelle-in-disguise-looking person you might see on the street…

In other home news, I haven’t been getting along super well with my family over the break, to be honest, and I think it’s because I have a strange social anxiety about being with them in an enclosed environment (my house) from which it’s difficult to escape. Yes, I am an adult who is still acting like a child, it’s fab. But we still kiss and make up the next day, so I guess that’s okay 🙂 My mom’s peace offering from Christmas Eve:

Some sort of mouse-shaped pancake! yay!

I literally ate breakfast and went right back to bed on account of the huge headache I had manage to contract via drinking too much with my brother in law the night before. yikes! I literally woke up again and like 1 hour later it was time for diner. I didn’t take may photos of Chirstmas Eve dinner, mainly because I was in a hurry to eat all the scallops in the universe.

Bacon covered scallops

Mystery spinach/mushroom quiche thing that wasn't quite quiche.

There were a few other things like crab cakes and such, but I wasn’t able to eat very much since I still felt full from breakfast and the millions of scallops I consumed at the beginning of the meal. Oh well!

Alright back to googling through the entire internet.


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