Day 1: Love Thy Daily Life

22 Dec

WARNING: If you cannot bear to be reminded of the mundane, and hate to read about it and hear it spoken of in good graces, you should probably stop reading. My journal. Forever. Haha.

So I have just arrived home in snowy, grey Pittsburgh.

About 9 months out of the year it looks like this. Pretty grey, sort of like Gotham City minus the Batman, dark most of the year, and in the winter, boatloads of snow. Flying into Pittsburgh this morning, it was nice to see the usual coat of snow over everything. I dusts pretty often here, but I’m pretty sure the buildup I was seeing was from the snow storm they had a couple of weeks ago. And we’re due for another one soon, in time for a very white Christmas!

I’m not very attached to this city, but I’m trying to at least appreciate it. Being raised here as opposed to SoCal, I am pleased to know I am comfortable dealing with cold weather, snow, sleet, and hills (not that I’ve left the house today haha).

And now I am on the ultimate vacation. One of the reasons I do like to come home is that my parents are lovely, even if we fight a lot, and my mom is the best cook in the world. The other, is that it is a COMPLETE escape from work. I’m still on the internet and on my phone from time to time, but at least I can officially say I’ve “checked out” of work. Although working from home sounds really fabulous, it’s not like I can just lay in bed and mope when I don’t feel like working. Mostly, I don’t have set break times, so I end up working from the moment I wake up until the very minute I lay down to go to bed. Here, I can relax and feel like I’m at “home” minus the office.

Additionally, I think a lot of people in Los Angeles are very concerned with throwing away the shackles of their “ordinary” past, perhaps it was growing up in a small town, or not feeling like the cool kid in school. I find that weird, because I like telling people where I’m from, where I’ve been, and most importantly for me, how nerdy I am, haha. I don’t know if people really get that image from me, though, since I do still like to dress pretty and go to parties and complain about work a lot, like most other Angelenos and people my age. Also, I find that people who are from the East Coast sort of do that wink and nod thing, where we acknowledge the awesomeness of our birth-coast, and at the same time, do not make any false claims about wanting to live there right now.

However, the next week is dedicated to showing more about my past, who I am because of it, and why I really miss being a lazy slob, but I don’t. (I’m sure by the end of this week I’ll be ecstatic to get back to work. About 3 days of idleness really gets me in the word to be productive again, and I could use the reboot.)

And so, this post is titled “Love Thy Daily Life.”

God how I’ve missed the mundane of laying in bed and watching TV from it! Long gone are the days of reading manga, taking a nap, reading more manga, eating, taking another nap, watching tv, then eating more. Okay, maybe I did 1 work email and did 1 work phone call in between all that but it’s still vacation to me! I am even pretty excited about putting on some pounds. I lost some weight due to stress and not eating and it weirded me out. I am now filling that void with food. A LOT OF IT.

Here is the super-important breakdown of my day:

Home cooked items eaten:

  • Beef, tofu, egg rice combo (pictured above)
  • wonton soup
  • 1 raisin cookie
  • 1chocolate chip cooke
  • 1 pieces nut roll cake
  • 1 piece pumpkin bread
  • 2 bacon covered scallops that my mom made to “test” her recipe ::droool::
  • 2 glasses of OJ (My parents think it’s the only thing I drink, which is weird because I haven’t drank it since.. oh yeah, college.)

Random television I have absorbed:

  • Snow Buddies movie
  • 4 – 9 episodes of Mythbusters. I have lost count. Including the 2010 Christmas special and the Green Hornet special. Wow, must have been watching for a while, because Christmas episode is beginning to repeat haha.
  • 2 episodes of Ghost Hunters (I only watch the part where they first enter the building then I have to turn it off when scary stuff happens. I don’t know what is wrong with me).
  • Half an episode of Hannah Montanna
  • Half an episode of iCarly (Miranda Cosgrove has the face of a 40 year old woman, wth)


Literature/Manga read while in bed (hooray to my lovely boyfriend Will for giving me a Kindle for Christmas this year!):


  • 2 chapters of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • 11 chapters of Full Metal Panic Sigma
  • 6 chapters of Mei-chan’s Butler
  • 2 stories in Japanese Fairytales

I feel so lovely and media saturated and fat and warm. I have no really plans while at home here except seeing some old friends, seeing my neice tomorrow, and probably drinking heavily at some point. Life is grand.

And I leave you with this, my last gloating point, of which I think I deserve to gloat considering how much work I put into classes this year: my grades for second quarter despite my going crazy with stress over my 2.5 jobs plus classes on the side (I guess it’s not really “on the side” when you’re registered as a full time student, huh?): STRAIGHT A’S! BWHAHAHAHA.


One Response to “Day 1: Love Thy Daily Life”

  1. Mary December 22, 2010 at 8:20 pm #

    I went back to my home on the east coast this past fall and it was great to loaf, meet up with friends and get fat 🙂

    Congrats on straight A’s!

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