Miami or Bust! Pt 2!

21 Dec

And so we continue on this epic journey!

That evening, after being bouncy-housed-to-hell, we pow-wowed at the hotel to relax and get ready for the epic stream of parties that were to kick off Art Basel. Everyone opeted for showering/makeup/getting dressed while I decided to take a solo adventure and explore the crazy hotel and grounds. Being sparkly pretty while on vacation isn’t very high on my to-do list haha..

First, I ventured out onto the pool area behind the hotel…

The massive Fontainebleu hotel with it's hundreds of pools!

I totally dug the tron-colored bar in the main lobby! When I first arrived to the hotel, I felt like a scuzzbag dressed in jeans and a T, while straight up hookers in awesome shoes and tiny dresses pranced around the entrance and lobby to the bar haha.

An all-glass xmas tree!

Their holiday decor was really space-age-y...! I liked how they did the circle windows along the walls all over the hotel.

Hard to see the colors, but the hallways were in this gorgeous steel blue and tarnished gold color!

After my mini adventure, I got dressed in a hurry and met up with Caro to carpool to the Sanrio party. In true Sanrio fashion, there was a huge line snaking out the front. We were lucky enoguh to be able to skip that pesky line and go straight into the party, to be engulphed by the phalanx of people. Good lord it was crowded!

The massive crowd at the Sanrio party!

Okay this was weird. THey had a roll out STRIPPER POLE and 2 skanky chicks grinding on a platformw ith it. Not very PG-13 Sanrio! The girls were wearing see-through petticoats and bright blue (non-sanrio) underwear/lingerie underneath.. uhmm SAFETY SHORTS ANYONE?

The random stripper chicks really confused me. Tsk tsk Sanrio. Whaaaatwere you thinking??

These sanrio cupcakes were very cute! I think we really wanted to have these at the Sanrio show in LA, but they were concerned about the characters not looking correct... why is it that all of these strict rules they had in LA didn't apply here in Miami?? Strippers and cupcakes! It's not fair! I want those in LA too! haha

We hoofed it to a couple of other parties afterward, but turned in pretty early since we were all feeling like old biddies and were sleepy o.o The Sanrio party reached capacity waaay long before we showed up and we were being shoved around. Tsk tsk!

The next morning, I woke up earlier than the rest of the girls and embarked on another solo adventure.. this time to the jacuzzi!! It was GORGEOUS outside and I didn’t want to miss it! I tried to get someone to come with me but alas, the sleep monster was nomatch for my pleas!

I had a very nice time relaxing with an elderly couple in one of the jazuzzis instead hehe

Who could say no to this??

The jazussi I was sitting in. The beach is just a few steps past that cabana back there...!

The rest of the girls went off to see some moer art, which I’m a little sad I didn’t get to see, too… BUT! I had bigger plans in store! Caro kindly offered me a day trip in her dad’s helicopter!!! I had never been in one and was BURSTING with exciting to go…! So she picked me up from the hotel, we battled traffic to her parents’ house, and set off for the private aircraft airport!!! CRAZY FANCY!

Caro and I,. Don't be fooled by the pic. I am secretly trying not to pee my pants in excitement.

LIFTOFF! You can see the shadow of our cute little heli on the ground!

Someone's sprawling gold course.


The water around thise little islands is so shallow! You can see sting rays and sharks!!! These are the start of the Florida Keys!

"GET TO DA CHOPPA!!" Kept wanting to quote every line from True Lies ever, even though I've never seen that movie in it's entirety, ha!

Soo.. Caro's parents own a condo on this private members-only island. WTFFFF. This place is pretty built up and luxurious looking for an "island". I sort of thought it was going to be more "rustic?" haha, not that I"m complaining. A yacht for everyone!!

The view from Caro's parents' beach house. Uhm that would be the OCEAN RIGHT THERE.

Oh and another awesome thing is that everyone on the island has a little gold cart!!!!

Caro and I on the back of said golf cart, being nerds! Her parents are in the front carting us around haha.

View from back of the cart

There was also an air show and antique car show happeneing the next day on the island! We got to see some of the stuff they were setting up… old cars, planes, and boats galore!

I thought it was pretty funny that this old boat was called the "InnisFAIL." hehehe. Fail-boat.

Right after this, my camera died! How sad! We toured around the island a bit more after this, and went to the “beach club” where there were fancy drinks with little umbrellas and fruit, and a cute beach to sit on! We headed back to the helicopter after that and flew home just as the sun was setting and got a great view of Miami at night. They flew over downtown Miami and Miami beach so I could see it, and even flew over our hotel! haha. They were saying it would be so much more convenient if my hotel had a heli pad on top so they could just drop me off o.o WAAAAT? I was very grateful they took me on that awesome daytrip!! Thank you Caro!!! It was the best early-xmas gift ever! (even thought it wasn’t intended as such hehe)

When I arrived back at the hotel it was pretty late, so I treated myself to some fancy room service and waited for the other girls to arrive back to the hotel. Everyone was pretty tired, so they watched some scary ass poltergeist show on TV before going to bed. I am INSANELY SCARED of ghosts and the like and can’t even stand to talk about it, so of course I was up all goddamn night thinking something was going to kill me in  my sleep. I am 6 years old. Nice to meet you.

The next day, we all woke up at a decent hour and explored the hotel beach and pool area! I was glad everyone made time to do this… it was so beautiful!

Cute little cabanas and Stephiee hehe

The ocean was a little too cold so we headed back to the jacuzzi. Well, this is where the story gets a little sad. My camera is WATERPROOF even though it is a digital camera, so I was very proud to bring it into the jacuzzi with us. Here is the last photo I every got with my stupid camera:

I didn’t have the battery cover on snugly so water got into the camera and it broke right after this. That’s right folks, I broke a WATERPROOF CAMERA WITH WATER. Sooo I had that guy for a full year, and had a good time of it. Now I am really sad about it still, and need to get another one. UGH. Sort of just want to get a hand me down sicne SURELY I WILL BREAK THE NEXT CAMERA WITH WATER ANYWAY 😦 😦

The last full day in Miami we spent by actually going to Art Basel! It’s contained in the Miami convention center, and had some nice, if very tame, art inside. We went back to the hotel for a bit and changed and Caro picked us all up to head to the STONE CRAB, rated #1 or 2 of Miami’s best restaurants for their unique Stone crabs! They apparently take off one claw and throw it back into the ocean and it grows another one o.o It was DELICIOUS! I shared a romantic dinner plate with Jamie, and a good time was had by all haha. After that we went to some weird party at a castle. Well, it was more of a warehouse with a castle facade. We party hopped a bunch after that, and I don’t know the names of any of the random gallery-party-events we went to. BUT it was a good last night in Miami 🙂

I stayed that night at Caro’s parents’ house with her and we both shoved off to the airport at an obcene hour of the morning the next day, where huge huuuge lines were waiting for us. UGHH!

And so ends the story of Miami! I had a lot of fun, and think if I ever went back, that I can just spend the entire time with Caro’s family ont heir crazy little island haha. Miami nightlife was cool, too, but man, I am all about beaches! (plus, you know, we have nightlife stuff in LA too nyuk nyuk).

Thank you to Jamie, Stephiee, My, Aracelli, and Caro for being great travel buddies!! I had so much fun and god it was SUCH A WELL-DESERVED  VACATION! =D


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