Miami or Bust! Pt 1!

20 Dec

A little overdue, but better late than never!


Was happy to take a quiet, DIRECT flight from LAX!

Met up with Jamie, Steph, My, and Araceli at the fabulous Fontainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach! I was the last one arrived, so as soon as I hopped out of the taxi, I geared up in “going out” wear and we met up with Simone Legano (designer of TokiDoki) and other buddies at another hotel for drinks and windy patio sitting.

Our old bones desired FOOD, though, and when invited out with them to go to another club, we said: WE REALLY NEED TO EAT and gae up the fabulous life for FALAFELL LIFE! What was reallyc razy about this random place, is that we just wandered into it from the street, and while there we alls aw about 6 different people we knew from LA or SF! ha! I bumped into Beau of LeBasse Gallery, there! Such a small world…

Jamie and Steph are smiling through their hunger.

Jamie and Steph are smiling through their hunger.

The next day, we woke up to a beautiful miami morning, and My had scored us VIP tickets to check out the PULSE gallery complete with FREE BRUNCH! With the word BRUNCH in our minds, we teetered off to


Paparazzi photo outside of PULSE gallery. Myu, Aracelli, Steph, Jamie, and meeee.


Free brunch for VIPs!

There were lovely kitchsy outdoor decorations outside of the gallery, with lots of space to lounge before going in to get overwhelmed with ART. I've been really into pennants lately..!


Not sure why this was there, but it's a car that can be driven from the back or the front! Crazy!

Having just made a scale model, I really appreciate this reconstruction of a Chinese KFC, complete with little screens in the windows that showed people moving inside! The colonel works in mysterious ways!

Really beautiful tree with feathers all along the roots. The trees were hand made using wire/plaster method!

A bunny plots out a storyline.

LOVE the way these butterflies are installed. Will have to file this away for future use..

Crazy glitter sparkle cat! (Photo by stephiee!)

Thousands of cut outs of superman from comics printed over 2 or so decades. CRAZY I LOVE IT!

A bunch of pipe cleaners sticking straight out... these end up looking like... (See below)


This giant sign was badass..

I always appreciate anything having to do with guinea pigs! So cute!

This phoenix sculpture was made of hair clips and fake nails. SO INTENSE!

Simple and true.

After we had our fill of the free food, awesome art, and free early-afternoon alcholic drinks, we decided to hoof it to the Sanrio Small Gift show to see our friends there!

The art was completely different, and definitely way more street! I really liked some of the pieces…

Outside of the gallery! So awesome!

Hey humping Hello Kitty lions! WHAT IS UP!


My bows were also on sale at Small Gift Miami! 🙂 Residing happily in the blue bins ❤

Also, I could not believe this was true until I saw it, but they were offering FREE REAL TATTOOES at the galery all weekend!! Insane! Here are just a few of the designs you could choose from, along with a full catalogue of the official art...!

If you’d like to see more photos of the art in the Sanrio gallery, you can check out Stephiee’s flickr, because she is way more pro at taking photos than I am! haha!

After that, we took another little walk over to the Friends With You installation! The walk over there was epically full of amazing street art…

Random dime art on top of a sewer cover on the sidewalk!! SO COOL!

Some bros put a bunch of the Monopoly spaces along the sidewalk!

When we finally arrived at the Friends With You installation, we all just started screaming. The balloon sculptures were INSANELY HUGE!!! The installation wasn’t yet open to the public, but we were allowed to come in and play since FWY are friends with Jamie ❤

I was familiar with FWY’s artwork from seeing it here and there in LA, but they are HUGE in Miami, since that is their home base! The installation was all out doors, and some of the sculptures rotated and spewed out smoke! There were even 2 moon bounce sculptures you could go inside of and 1 sculpture that sort of re-enacted the “birth” sequence… you’ll see…

Smoke came out of this little red nose!

Stephiee and Aracelli had epic hair-blowing-in-the-wind pictures inside of one of the sculptures

One of the moon bounces!

Looking up from the inside of the moon bounce pictured above

This jumping photos was actually legit as we were BOUNCING ALL OVER THE PLACE! Stephiee is making the cutest face here haha ❤

Another bouncy house! This one was insanely rainbow-y!

Outside of the sculpture that let's you be "born" from the weird entrance.... see those knobs on the bottom right and left? DANGER ZONE!

The following photos are from Stephiee, taken of me entering into this weird thing. This might be not PG…. You have been warned!

Soo yeah there was that. It was SO MUCH FUN and the moon bounces really made us feel like little kids again!

There was also a gifting suite inside where we got FREE SHOES from Native shoes! Look how cute and colorful!


While inside, we bumped into a bunch of our Los Angeles buddies, like Luke Chueh, Beau Basse, and Jim Mahfood! I’ve been a super nerdy fan of Jim since I was a teenager and I picked up “Grrl Scouts,” the first indie comic I’d ever read ❤ It was nice to chat with him and be a nerd all over again haha!

Afterward, we walked over to their permanent installation in a shopping center… so cute! Also, apparently while we were taking this photo, Pharrell walked by. I only figured out who Pharrell was yesterday.. sooo yeah, the novelty of that was totally lost on me haha.

Alright, this post is getting pretty epic! I’ll pos photos from this night and the next day in a bit! This was such a rad vacation and I’m glad I got to share it with lots of fun people and got to enjoy fun art and releaaaaxing!


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  1. sagemag December 20, 2010 at 6:17 pm #

    That looks like so much fun!

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