Post from a Plane: Thoughts on a busy month

3 Dec

Written on Wednesday:

The first moment I’ve had of silence to sit down and write in a long time: trapped on a plane for 4 hours on the way to Miami.

Nice pic of the freeway I took during my commute home from FIDM one day

This last few months have been a crazy whirlwind of events, work, school, and moving, and while incredibly successful form a business perspective, made me sad to have to become out of touch with my friends all over again like I did around this time last year.

But! I’m excited to catch up with friends and go out to social events that I AM NOT PLANNING! Imagine that! I have about 2 months of downtime before the next big rush of work, which will be filled with the awesomely mundane that I’ve missed so much: going to bars, decorating the new apartment, going on ACTUAL DATES with my ever-so-patient boyfriend, and for the first time in a long while, going home to my parents’ place in Pittsburgh for the holidays.

Pittsburgh in December is no joke It’s a freezing town, with no sunlight, icy roads, and .. well I don’t really know what kind of people. Most of my friends have moved away from the ‘Burgh, but hopefully I can catch some of them who are back in town visiting their families like I am.

Sorry this post is not full of ACTION, DRAMA, and WAY TOO MANY PHOTOS, but hey, this is the real me, blogging it up.

Some other general reflections:

Events & Work:
Nerd Party was awesome. Seeing all of my friends at Sanrio events was awesome. 80’s Prom was awesome. The response to  the hard work of Bubble Punch was awesome. Response to the cuteness of Chubby Bunny Hello Kitty bows was amazing! I’m glad they’re still so popular! With Small Gift Los Angeles all wrapped up, I’m excited to see Small Gift Miami in a non-work-zone-mode!

By pulling in a LOT of extra hours, and disregarding the sleep monster, I’ve managed to stay on top of school despite my super hectic work schedule. There are now 2 weeks left of school before the quarter is up! I’ve got an insane amount of final projects to pull off before it’s all over, but man! After this quarter ends, I will be HALF WAY DONE with my professional designation degree! 2 more quarters and I’m don’t with school already!

Home Life:
Will and I moved to a very cute apartment in Palms, which is just a quick 2 block walk from downtown Culver City. It was a hectic move, compounded by the fact that we had to do all of our moving and packing right AFTER Bubble Punch finished up 80’s prom! Yikes! But finally, ‘TIS DONE, though we are still sorely lacking a couch, microwave, and coffee table. I’m excited to spend weekends focusing on decorating the interior! Will and I have lived with just the two of us before, when we were in Japan, and then for about a year when we first moved to LA. We already miss True Mee, Alcuin, and their cat Peeker, though!  The new place is quiet without them all running around! They still live on the Westside, so it’s nothing a 10 minute drive can’t cure J

Things to come:
When I get back from Miami, besides focusing on school and slowing down a bit, I really wanna do a small FREE SWAP MEET! This is where everyone brings clothes, accessories, books, games, furniture, home goods, etc. they don’t want anymore and we all rifle through each other’s things and take what we want! Whatever isn’t claimed at the end of the night will be donated to Goodwill J If you’re in LA and interested in this, lemme know! I was thinking maybe around  11th or 12th of Dec?

Ok, enough rambling–! I’ve about 45 minutes until the plane touches down in Miami… I am mega excite to travel to a new city with friends! Up, up, and awaaaaaaaay!


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