Get on the Bacon Train.

17 Oct

Because the bacon train is a happening.

The whole bacon boom has gotten kind of out of control here in Los Angeles, but I am glad to be part of a society that creates things like bacon cupcakes, bacon waffles, and bacon whiskey.

I recently tried out the Lardon truck! It is… a BACON FOOD TRUCK.

As soon as we walked close to it, we could smell the sweet wafts of BACONY GOODNESS. If the smell of grilling bacon isn’t the ultimate advertisement, I don’t what is.

The crew were very friendly, and the food, while it took about 20 minutes to come out after ordering, was so worth the wait!


Lining up for some bacon times!



The bacon brownie! SO RICH and THICK and DELISH!


I ordered the item below. I probably won’t get it again, since it came out sorta burnt and took a long time for them to make, but c’est la vie! The other items on the menu look interesting enough that I’d like to try everything eventually.


Brioche french toast with bacon inside and bacon bourbon maple syrup. The toast was a little on the burnt side :/



The inside of the french toast. A little burnyyyy!



Will got "The Lardon", which was a pretty fancy BLT.



This thing was insane! it was the "baco" (the owner pronounced it like "taco"), with potatoes, 3 different kinds of bacon (boar, maple glazed, and something else I can't remember).



Totally heart attack city! Here's a cross section view of the Baco!


Thus ends my review of the Lardon Truck. Though a tad disappointed with the French Toast (can’t really recommend it at all, tbh), everything else was AMAZING and I would definitely suggest you go and try out their other stuff!

You can see their full menu here, and follow them on Twitter!


2 Responses to “Get on the Bacon Train.”

  1. laundryonsundaes October 17, 2010 at 2:59 pm #

    I wish this would come to NYC! I love bacon and this is making me drool

  2. Zambi October 17, 2010 at 3:16 pm #

    Man I’m getting a heart attack just looking at that! I would have the worst heart burn ever!!! And I am so jealous :Q…..

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