The San Francisco Treat Part 3: ARMAGEDDON!

26 Sep

Ok, not really ARMAGEDDON all super dramatic with Liv Tyler, BUT!

Saturday was the first official day of the J-Pop summit. Last year, they held their first on in honor of the opening of the New People building, and fans lined up from all over the place to get a look at the first US-based BTSSB and Black Peace Now stores, as well as a 1-month long pop up store by 6%DOKIDOKI. This time around, they were celebrating their 1 year anniversary with bands, street vendors, and sales! BTSSB held a fukubukero (Lucky Pack) sale, which I heard had quite the line in the morning!

Being the late-comers we are, we rolled into New People at around 11:30 or so, to help set up Shrinkle’s pop-up shop, assist with crazy 6%DOKIDOKI fashion show madness, and get some beers, haha!

Sporting my new Black Peace Now shirt! 60% off, baby!! Makeup TOTALLY inspired by YumeNinja & a picture pasted on the door of Shrinkle's closet!

I got hella roped in to helping with doing the models' hair for 6%! This is Christine's finished hair, finished with assistance from Vani!

Lookit all these models, MUAs and hairstylists GO GO GO! Makeup by Sugarpill, of course! Can you spot Bei? She was also roped in for the great MAKE-UP-ING!

The hub-ub outside!

The front of the New Peole building. Is it just me, or is the name of this building DUMB?? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

Yay! A Stephiee sighting! Stephiee runs DollyBeast, and is also a devout Mori Chak fan! Mori (creator of Gloomy Bear) was in for the day to do a signing! lucky ducky got a ticket to talk to the fro master himself! Her custom-made dress features one of Mori's lesser-known sheep characters, PoDolly =D

I was sad I didn’t have more time to chat with Mori (later one he stopped by and hung out with the 6% staff),because I, too, am a lover of all things Gloomy! Having gotten to work with Mori before though, I guess I can’t cry too hard, haha! I did chat up his assistant, who goes by the nickname of “HANDSOME.” Uhm, I’m not even lying, because it is on his business card. WHOO!

Mori Chak stalker photo!

I managed to find a bit of free time to poke around the Black Peace Now sale a little more, and found the OUTFIT OF MY DREAMS! I had been talking about getting a jumpsuit anyway, so Iw as pretty pleased when I found these awesome coveralls/shorts!!! There’s event a little tail in the back with an image of their little monster on it! <333

Changing room photo, haha.

Of course, a ton of my very lovely friends were also in attendance for the Jpop summit!

The ever so talented Liz Lorini (left), Stephiee (center), and myself :)

The ever so talented Liz Lorini (left), Stephiee (center), and myself 🙂

Twinkiechan and Hairy!

Caro & Josh!

Caro & Josh!

Shrinkle was pretty busy, so I helped her out with her area of the pop up shop for a bit… and pointed out to her that everytime someone asks for a photo of her she should make sure she holds up Sugarpill product!! haha

Look at these Sugarpill cosmetics-luvin gals!

We temporarily closed up the shop for a bit and went down to enjoy the 6%DOKIDOKI fashion show! A quick look at the San Francisco winners/models!

Emi was very diligently translating and helping prep the models all morning. This is her "I AM OVER THIS" face hahahah. I love how cheerful everyone else in the background looks hahah.

A quick group hi five before the show stars up!

Enormous crowd! Stole this pic from Emi's blog 🙂

The show went really well and was quite well-attended. A bunch of us helpers got dragged on stage at the very end to dance with the models. That was pretty embaressing, so guess who’s not going to post photos of that? ME! ha!

After the show, we headed back to re-open the popup stores. Look who’s the new Sugarpill shop girl? =D I was pretty amped because I was able to sell a bunch of shadows in the hour or so I  was standing there, haha. Looks like all the makeup info my friends are always talking about sunk in enough for me to make a good pitch 🙂


There was a little after party in the New People building, but it was fraught with peril and some d-bags, so we all voted to carry on the party at.. AMERICAN CUPCAKES! haha , part 2! I hope they were not sick of us! Ironically, Stephiee and another group of people were there RIGHT BEFORE we arrived, so the staff was probably like “WHAT THE HELL” when another huge group of colorful people moved in haha.

Shrinkle staring at me in a sultry way, while everyone else ignores me, hhaha

My bonding bros for the weekend ❤ Trevor/Saru and EMi <33

My first time there, I did not know about this RED VELVET FRIED CHICKEN business! It was SO GOOD! Not too sweet.. tastes sort of like the way asians tend to fry their chicken in a slighlty sweet batter.

I am actually imitating Yuka's usual photo pose here... NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND hehe.

Trevor/Saru, Caro, Emi, and Vani!

I like this photo a lot, because while Shrinkle and Sebastian look all cute, Yuka is caught off guard looking grumpt ❤ LOVE YOU, YUKA!

HAHA OH LORD. This photo makes me laugh a ton! I instructed Saori to LOOK SEXY and this is what happened HAHAHHA.

Mika is also enjoying a hearty red velvet fried chicken! LOOK AT THAT FACE. OF COURSE SHE IS ENJOYING IT!

Best photo ever. At some point, Yuka accidentally drank alcohol in one of the milkshakes and she started getting super hot and couldn't cool off!! SHe was holding these glasses to her face to cool down... haha... Poor thing, but it was sort of hilarious because, c'mon.. look at her face! ❤ I think even Vani was laughing at her in this photo too haha... lord we are horrible people.

Me and Mika. I will seriously, seriously, miss her ;.;

Not sure what happened, but Yuka got her second wind back haha. I found this piece of rickrack on the floor that the restaurant uses to tie thier napkins together, and offered it to Yuka as a present (I kept trying to give her garbage as "presents" all week haha), so she started putting it in my hair, and then Emi jumped in and put one in Yuka's hair bwuahaha.

We all parted ways, but 6% told Vani to go with us so they could get a taxi for 5 back, lol. Poor latchkey kid! Here's us walking back to Caro's car!

We were in the car for like, FOREVER because SOMEONE (TREVORRRRRRRRRR!!!!) gave us super whack directions on how to get back to where the 6% crew was staying at and the STUPID IPHONE was not helping either yikes. We spend a lot of time in the car, with me insisting that “Vani” was not Vani’s real name (because there is no way it couldn’t be.) They continued to BATSU (make an X) me all night with their hands. Jerks!

Whew! And taht is the end of Saturday! I actually don’t have any pics from Sunday since I had to give Shrinkle and Kevin back their camera haha. But we just said goodbye to the 6% crew (SAORI CRIED and then made EMI cry and then that made ME cry UGHHH), and also to Shrinkle & Kevin & Bei (NO TEARS FOR THEM bc we will see them all soon!)

Thanks again to everyone who accommodated us on this epic journey, and thanks to Caro for being an excellent driver-of-us-chuldren! ha! (Even though I am older than her!)

I can’t wait to go back to SF again!! ❤


6 Responses to “The San Francisco Treat Part 3: ARMAGEDDON!”

  1. Cate September 27, 2010 at 5:10 am #

    Looks like you had such a fun time, I love your outfit that BPN shirt is AMAZING! xoxo

    • iamchubbybunny October 1, 2010 at 2:29 pm #

      Thanks so much! I looove it, too! Hooray for sales!

  2. SWEET STREETS September 27, 2010 at 12:31 pm #

    blog well done!! i miss everyone!! 😦 xoxo caro

    • iamchubbybunny October 1, 2010 at 2:29 pm #

      I know, right? Sorry this reply is super late lol.. miss you!

  3. tokyosista September 27, 2010 at 3:28 pm #

    Wow, such great awesomeness in one week.^__^ I love your blog, you have a great sense of style and you have plenty of fun over in CA. The 6%dokidoki outfits are too cute.So are Vani & Yuka. I was lucky to see them at New People (yes it is a weird name lol) last year. I love how they embrace using such bright colors. Sugarpill I love. I’ll be ordering more from them real soon. lol.

    • iamchubbybunny October 1, 2010 at 2:30 pm #

      Thanks! Everyone IS super cute.. it’s hard not to feel super fug next to them haha.

      Sugarpill is the BESTEST and I’m not just saying that because I also love Amy, the owner ❤

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