Sweet Streets II recap: The exhibition opening

17 Sep

Sweet Streets is over, but my love for the event and the people who came by is never dying! I’m skipping around a bit with these posts, but that is my nature! Here’s a short recap of the event itself ❤ So many things happened before this event, it feels sort of overwhelming to post about it all…!

I was very honored to have been able to participate in this event. Although I know that usually garments are not considered “art,” I’ve always been very happy to create garments as a form of my own artistic expression for many years now, and am so delighted that others are viewing what I create not just as a costume, but actually AS art.

My piece, Dining Etiquette, was really well received!

Another image of my peice, photo by Daniel Lim.

I was also excited to be invited to have a small popup shop area within the Gallery Nucleus shop area! A lot of people were super amped to see my bows in person and try them on! I always love being able to interact with my customers in person (even though half of the time their reaction to me talking to them is “who are you???” haha!).

I was inspired by my roomie Yume Ninja to dress up for this event like we used to in days of yore (AKA days before we were actually running the events ourselves), so I busted out my Hello Kitty Princess dress that I made for the Sanrio fashion show last year, but have never worn myself, and added some fun hair to the equation. I made the hair piece using loose extensions, plastic boards, and lots of bobby pins! It was pretty fun and easy, so I hope to do more hair pieces like that in the future.

Myself and Maria from Locketship! Photo by Locketship

Photo by Dave Tada!

Back of my outfit, while talking to Vani of 6%Dokidoki. Photo by Cheyenne Koi

I met so many awesome people through this event, and got to work extensively with others that I’ve known and respected for a while. Twinkiechan said it best when she said that her Twitter feed was “blowing up with Sweet Streets girl love” right after the event.

My event production group, Bubble Punch, ran the opening night events as well as the talk show the following day, featuring 6%Dokidoki. You can find a full recap of that HERE!

And another last big thanks to Caro! She was the sole curator for this awesome event that brought so many people together! THANK YOU CARO!!!

Caro and I, photo by Shannon Cottrell of LA Weekly

Thanks again for everyone who showed their support for me ❤

I’m also really bad about posting about my personal life these days, but I also wanted to give a shoutout to the lovely Bei of BeiBadGirl, and San from san-smith.com! They both stayed at my apartment during all the crazy preparation for this event, and I’m thankful for their company and patience during this time, even though they were both on vacation! THANKS my lovelies!


3 Responses to “Sweet Streets II recap: The exhibition opening”

  1. EMi September 17, 2010 at 10:10 am #

    I is sitting next to you and I think you were faaabbullllouuuusss!

  2. SWEET STREETS September 22, 2010 at 9:52 pm #

    finally reading this! i love you!! xoxo caro


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