Finals week at FIDM

13 Sep

Today started the throes of final weeks for me at FIDM.

I am so far through 2 out of 5 of the craziness, and quite pleased with myself! It’s a little lame to post student work up, but hey, the internet is the new refridgerator, isn’t it?

Here’s my photoshop project final that I did for class today. Please keep in mind I KNOW this is not amazing work in the realm of photoshop art everywhere, but for me, this is a big deal. This is my 3rd attempt at using photoshop in my life. Not bad!

The original drawing was done by my pal Yoskay Yamamoto. He drew a picture of me while he was bored and I was working with him at Comiccon this year. Basically, this was a glorified color-in-the-lines project, but I am very excited it’s done!

From Chubby Bunny Blog

🙂 More pictures of my finals projects as the day progresses, hopefully!


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