Noshing on Nom Noms: First & Hope

5 Sep

Food begins with an “F” and so does “First & Hope.”

I had a very romantic and delicious date with Sir William at the much-raved about restaurant First & Hope, which just opened about 2 months ago across from the Disney Concert Hall downtown.

The hostessed are dressedin 20’s style ball gowns, all of the waiters are wearing white tux jackets, and the music and ambiance is to DIE for.  This is the perfect spot for a romantic date, or celebratory dinner!

We had a plethora of delicous food, which I managed to get a few blurry photos of, while trying not to embaress my date as I snapped flash photos in a fancy restaraunt. FAUX PAS???

Folks, we present to you, the Mac & Cheese Flight (FROM THE GODS). Each dish came with bits of raw cheese that the dish was made from, along with other accompaniments. The Porter Cheddar mac & Cheese with the tiny glass of stout was adorable AND delish!

For my main entree, I ordered another appetizer, because who can resist something called the PRAISE THE LARD? This was SUCH a good choice. Description taken from the menu, because I’m busy drooling right now and can’t think of the correct words: Crispy Pigears over Heirloom Tomatoes, Bourbon-Braised Pork Cheeks with a Crisp Soft Egg, Kurobuta Pork Belly over Creamy Grits christened with warm Maple Dressing. SO DELISH.

Will opted for the Duck-Duck-Goose, which my photo does NO justice for. It was a healthy portion of seared duck breast, duck leg confit, and foie gras… hence.. DUCK DUCK GOOSE!

For desert, we ordered the “SEVEN DEADLY VALRHONA CHOCOLATE SINS” which sounded nothing short of epic on the menu, but was actually pretty tame once we received it. Seven different types of chocolate in a cute package!

And of course, when it was time to recieve our bill, we got a small envelope with the check atop a tiny silver platter. Hard to see, but it says “At Your Leisure” under the First and Hope insignia.

This place was not only amazing delicious, but the attention and care we received from the staff was truly memorable and amazing. It’s easy to run into the jerky wait staff at higher priced places around Los Angeles, so when someone is <>gasp<> PLEASANT to me at a restaurant, it’s always a pleasure. At some point I had no less than FIVE waitstaff attending to our table by adding and clearing plates, scraping crumbs off our table, and refreshing our drinks. SERVICE, GOLD. I highly recommend this place to anyonw who loves food, being fancy, and being super pampered while doing so!

Go forth and NOM NOM NOM, my friends!


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