FIDM Life: So this is why students always peter off with the blogging.

2 Aug

(Warning: This is one of those non-picture posts. I know, yawnYAWNyawn!)

Remember a few posts ago I mentioned how I knew of a few FIDM student blogs, but they always seemed to peter off after the first couple of entries?

I guess that same thing happened to me, though I guess it’s more related to a combination of INSANE WORKLOAD for classes, combined with tons of ongoing work I’m doing for my Chubby Bunny line, as well as the multitude of events I’ve got going on with my event production company, Bubble Punch.

But, back to the main story: FIDM is spectacular. I’m not entirely sure how students straight out of high school feel about it, but having taken the the time to get my B.A. in other subjects, gone into the 9 – 5 work life for a while, and traveled the globe for a few years, school is like this delicious smoothie at the end of a sweltering hot day. Terrible analogy, I know, but it’s such an incredible feeling!

I’ve been able to directly apply EVERYTHING I have learned in every single class so far into one of my other jobs immediately. I went from not knowing what an .eps file was to being able to draft floor plans and trace fashion images to use in multimedia projects. It’s such a great feeling to know I am learning actual USEFUL things.

When applying myself at university, I did notice that a lot of the studying I was doing was “for the test,” and I had no idea about any real application to most of the things I learned. Not that it was a waste, nor do I regret going to the lovely Penn State, but for someone as efficiency-obsessed as I am, the professional designation path is totally my speed.

At FIDM, for Visual Communications at least, there are the normal Associates Degrees you can get within 2 years. Since I already have my BA, I get to hop on the 1 year program and take only classes that apply directly to Vis comm job opportunities. It’s nice to be able to skip over the “fluff”… I’ve spent enough time trying to get “well rounded.” You could say I’m so “well rounded” that I didn’t use to have that many other ACTUAL practical skill sets!

In general, the professors have all been very good at setting up each class as a “job.” There are no excuses, only deadlines, and if you’re sick or your late, you still have to meet your deadline somehow or just get marked zero for that project. I love my teacher for Survey of Visual Communications, McCall. He is super badass. On the first day he says, “I get here are 6:30AM every day, so you guys should think about showing up early for class.” HAHAH.

I am entering my 4th week of my first quarter here, and midterm prep is already upon us. It’s sort of weird, since we basically have one 3-hour class a week, about 6 hours of homework per class, and 5 classes a week. It’s gone by REALLY quickly. So much of the time in class is used for practical application that there’s not much time for lectures.

I received a survey in the mail from FIDM a few days ago, asking me to rate my experience. It was sort of funny because the categories were things I actually have been having trouble with:

  • Transport to school: My express bus I used to take to school got canceled this week, so now I take 2 buses, and spend more $$ getting here. ANNOYING AS HELL.
  • Making friends: Maybe the other students think I’m a weirdo mutant because I’m about TEN YEARS OLDER (jesus christ) than most of the kids in my classes and I’m super-serious about our projects all the time. Also, I guess that most of the first quarter students all live close together in those ridiculously overpriced apartments near campus, so they see each other more often.

Anywhoo, I’m sure those 2 things will get sorted out in a little while. I’m not overly concerned with transport, just sad that it’s so inconvenient that the cost of taking the bus is almost the same as driving. As far as friends go, I already have many awesome friends in LA, so that’s not a big deal. I just wish I had someone to commiserate with over these projects and such I get in class.

At least in my events class, when no one wanted me in their group at first, the group I ended up in was pretty amped because… Duh. I plan events for a living, so the final project will be a cake walk.

Apologies that this post is pretty rambling. I haven’t had time to really talk about school since I’ve been going nuts actually doing the work for it on top of everything else!

If anyone has any questions about FIDM, or anything else on my blog for that matter, feel free to leave a comment!


One Response to “FIDM Life: So this is why students always peter off with the blogging.”

  1. Vani August 2, 2010 at 11:04 am #

    Wow! I’m thoroughly impressed with all that you’ve been able/continue to juggle. I don’t know how you do it, but GRATS!!! Keep it up & kudos to you! 😉

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