LA Flea Market Wrap up

29 Jul

Well, it’s a little late in coming, but a lot of “this and that” happened between then and now that was preventing me from making a post, haha!

On July 17, I was fortunate enough to participate in the first ever LA Flea market, hosted at Dodger stadium. The market boasted over 500 vendors, and 50 plus food trucks, with plenty of customers that were beating out the heat by shopping for bargains.

Chubby Bunny bows for sale.

Some pre-owned clothing :3 If you see anything you like here, ask me!

When all the vendors arrived, we were told we’d be let in at 5am to begin setting up out booths, but we ended up sitting in our cards impatiently until about 6pm. Unfortunately, the staff at the LA Flea Market didn’t really have their act together, and even items such as picking up rentals ended up in large mobs of people demanding their goods and being told that no one knew HOW to do the rental. Many vendors ended up just taking what they needed and running off.

Despite the initial disorganization, the flea market fared pretty well for a first-time event.

The market was divided up into different areas: New merchandise, vintage, eco friendly, and antiques. I was stationed in the new merch area.

I was very happy to have a bunch of Chubby Bunny friends drop by and say hi! The heat was super intense, but I’m just happy I survived the experience relatively unscathed!

I would definitely do a booth again, but I think I’ll wait for summer to subside a bit… it was pretty hot!


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