BunnyNet: July 2, 2010

2 Jul

This week, it’s more of a grab bag of awesome of stuff I’ve seen and done around Los Angeles, as opposed to the entire internet, but I digress!

The Chubby Bunny Catch of the Week!

Nerding Out: Power Rangers T-shirts! It’s Morphin’ Time! Good lord, these shirts are amazing! I had been meaning to get one for a while and finally splurged on a shirt for myself and my boyfriend, Will when I saw them at Aahs a few days ago. These are ridiculously awesome and terrifying at the same time.

Oink Oink: Maple bacon donuts from The Nickel Diner These things are lethal and delicious. A really good combination of sweet and savory, despite how horrifying it may sound. BACON FOREVER! Go eat one today! They’re $2.50 each!

Chubby Bunny News: White Vinyl Bow Custom Order My lovely baking friend Jenny Rae custom ordered this white vinyl bow from me and I ADORED how it came out! If you’re interesting in purchasing one, please drop me a line! They’re gorgeous in person!

DIY Manicures: Bleeding Black Nails! No link for this, I’m afraid, but it’s super easy! I did 2 coats of a nice pastel pink, and then used a jet black polish on top and dribbled it onto the tips to create a “bleeding” effect. Super simple and cute in all sorts of color combos!

Nomming on the Street: The Alley Parfait. No link on this either, but these beauties can be found in downtown Los Angeles, at any end of Santee Alley. If you find yourself able to resist the call of the bacon wrapped hot dog, you can get a nice cool treat like this yogurty parfait all done up with mixed fruit for about $4 from a street vendor.

Fake IDs: Neko Menkyou. Literally, “Cat License” in Japanese, is a crazy way that biker gang members used to prove their identity when the cops came a honkin’. Nowadays, it just sort of acts as a fun thing to take out at parties. Love it.

Baby Hipster: Camera Bib. Good lord, I do not know WHO makes this, but I picked it up from Japan LA a few weeks ago as a birthday present to my 1 year old niece. It’s SO GOOD BECAUSE IT’S SOOO TACKY!! The item isn’t listed on their site, but if you give them a call or email, they’ll be happy to tell you what colors they have available!

Suggestions for the next BunnyNet? Leave your tips in the comments section!


One Response to “BunnyNet: July 2, 2010”

  1. Kitten July 2, 2010 at 1:18 pm #

    oh I sooo need to get my nails done like that.
    and love the white bow! When I get paid from zivity.com I’m so buying myself another of your bows, I love my HK one

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