World of Color; AKA I cried for 60 minutes of PURE JOY.

28 Jun

Hi everyone! I’ve been very bad about blogging for the past month due to a very intense workload over here in Chubby Bunny land. Hopefully I can share the details of my new project soon!

I did manage to squeeze in some fun in between my crazy workdays, so I’ll start the backlog of posts now… whee!

Yume Ninja and I got up suuuper early to see World of Color!

On June 14th, I went with Yume Ninja to Disneyland’s California Adventure to scope out the new World of Color show that just released to the public only 4 days prior. Because it was a new show, HORDES of people were around to try to see it, and figuring out how to see it, where to go, and what the tickets means was super difficult! Here’s a little cheat sheet for those who want to see World of Color but are just as confused as we were when we first went!


(and not get waylaid by misinformed cast members/disgruntled park visitors)

Tips, tricks, and extensive video of the best show ever after the jump!

Best part of the show. There, I said it. I CRIED! Little Mermaid is my all time favorite Disney movie!

  1. Wake up EARLY
    and line up at the California Adventure gate. The park doesn’t even open until 10AM, and when we arrived at 9AM, there were already very large lines formed! We hopped into line behind about 50 people (always choose the line with the least strollers!). They let us all in around 9:35AM, a bit early, so we could start lining up for Fastpass distribution.
  2. After you get into the gate, MAKE A BEELINE FOR THE WORLD OF COLOR FASTPASS DISTRIBUTION AREA! It’s located next to the Grizzly River Run, so after you enter the park, head to the RIGHT and follow the hordes of people. This was very confusing. The show isn’t a “ride” per se, but there are Fastpasses distributed for each of the 2 World of Color shows that guarantee your entry into a specific area in front of the show for better viewing. You CAN still enter the park and sort of see parts of the show if you just show up and hang around the edges of the lake area, but the front viewing area is reserved ONLY for Fastpass holders. You can’t even line up behind the Fastpass area because they keep that entire area clear for the characters to walk through during the pre-show!
  3. On your ticket, you’ll have a call back time and section name. If you get the earlier call back time, 7:30PM – 8:30PM, that means you are set to see the 9PM showing. If you have a later call back time, 8:45PM – 9:45PM that means you are going to see the 10:15PM show. The section names are all divided by color. Despite having one Disney cast member tell us they colored areas “change all the time,” they definitely don’t, since there’s a pre-show that involves your section’s color with lamps installed to show that particular color. The tiered area in front of the lake is divided into 5 areas, all with a section right up front by the lake, and extending back all the way to the walkway in front of the soon-to-be Little Mermaid ride .If you’re facing the lake, the section farthest to the right is red, the next one in is yellow, then orange, then blue. The only colored section that is different is GREEN. Green is at the center front of the show, and does not extend back very far. This section is reserved for people who eat dinner in Ariel’s Grotto (lunch and Princess Dining guests do not qualify). Anyone who eats at Ariel’s Grotto gets a complimentary GREEN ticket for the show, which are the best seats. However, the Grotto has been booking up WEEKS in advance so make sure you CALL AHEAD for reservations if you plan to go this route.

    At the Blue Sky Cellar you can see plans for the new Little Mermaid Ride! I can't wait! That's what they're planning on building in that huge chunk of construction in the lake area in California Adventure.

  4. Despite the time on your ticket, make sure to show up an hour to a half an hour before your earliest callback time.  If you’re in sections orange, blue, or green, it’s best to enter the area in front of the Blue Sky Cellar. If you’re red of yellow, you SHOULD be able to enter from this same area, but we were diverted by a confused cast member to walk ALL the way around the Golden State area and enter from the other side, which pops you out on the other side of the under-construction Little Mermaid ride. The entire waterfront area will be roped off. Once you get past the first set of ropes into the waterfront area, (you must show your Fastpass, but they won’t take them yet) you’ll have to “line up” to get into your area. This part was really confusing, and a few fights broke out among visitors who were supposedly “cutting” the nonexistent line. Each color has one entrance area, so you COULD line up by that, but there were just so many people, and not enough cast members, that huge clumps of people formed instead and confused vistors found themselves getting screamed at for “cutting” in line. Well, we went with the assumption that there was no line, and clumped up with other confused people. They opened the ropes to each colored area at 7:30pm, and took our tickets at that time. Once in, we had our pick of the area designated by our ticket. They sort of let you choose where you want to stand. The closer you are to the front, the wetter you’ll get. We chose the section 2nd from the front and plopped down.
  5. About 30 minutes before the show starts, you get a surprise pre-show! 2 singers come out and introduce each section’s mascot! This was a really nice surprise. Sebastian was for the red section, Lumiere for the yellow, Mike Wazowski for green, Tigger for orange, and Genie for blue. They use Genie’s “magic” to light up the street lamps in each area their respective color. There’s a sing-a-long section to Tarzan’s “Trashin’ the Camp” (Everyone sings the “DOO BOP SHEE DOO” part), and then there’s a contest for “loudest crowd.” This seemed like an arbitrary time filler, but was fun since everyone was so super excited. Our yellow section won, of course. It was really neat to see all the characters done up in oversized puppet-style, with huge color lights all over their body! Here’s some video below: Video 1

    Video 2

    Video 3

  6. Then, get ready to have your socks rocked right off your feet. The show is so beautiful and super magical! I have to admit, I was a little skeptical that something with the title of “water show” could be very entertaining, but never shall I doubt Disney again. They used their formula of TUGGING AT HEARTSTRINGS to really bring it home with this one. I was overjoyed they used the Little Mermaid, as that’s my favorite Disney movie of all time. They inserted every Disney movie of note, and even threw in a bunch of scenes and scores from Fantasia 2000.


    I took extensive video of the show, but didn’t get every last part of the show, unfortunately. Thank god my camera was waterproof! We were in the second tier back from the very front, but we still got pretty soaked. However, during the surprise FIRE CANNON section of the show, the entire crowd was INSTANTLY DRY for a moment there. SO INTENSE!

    Okay, I can’t even begin to start describing this, so you guys NEED to check out the videos below! YouTube was being fritzy, so I used instead. It took FOREVER but I’m pleased with how it came out! On to the videos!

    Part 1 – Introduction
    [ ?posts_id=3833216&dest=-1]

    Part 2 – Little Mermaid: Part of that World (SOO SO SO SOOO GOOD!!)
    [ ?posts_id=3833233&dest=-1]

    Part 3 – Little Mermaid Part of that World & Under the Sea
    [ ?posts_id=3833255&dest=-1]

    Part 4 – Wall-E
    [ ?posts_id=3833269&dest=-1]

    Part 5 – Toy Story: Buzz Can Fly!
    [ ?posts_id=3832550&dest=-1]

    Part 6 – Up vignette and Aladdin: Whole New World
    [ ?posts_id=3832654&dest=-1]

    Part 7 – Pocahontas: Just Around the Riverbend, Colors of the Wind
    [ ?posts_id=3832733&dest=-1]

    Part 8 – Pirates of the Carribbean
    [ ?posts_id=3832899&dest=-1]

    Part 9 – PoC and Evil fire music
    [ ?posts_id=3832951&dest=-1]

    Part 10 – Oh, did I forget to mention there’s a FIRE SHOW?
    [ ?posts_id=3832963&dest=-1]

    Part 11 – Lion King (Get ready to cry)
    [ ?posts_id=3833025&dest=-1]

    Part 12 – Finale, AKA Best Hits of Disney’s movie endings. SOO GOOD!
    [ ?posts_id=3833202&dest=-1]

    7. If you’re going to Disneyland’s California Adventure any time soon, PLEASE TAKE ME WITH YOU! ❤


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