BunnyNet: May 21, 2010

21 May

The Chubby Bunny Catch of the Week!

Links to the madness after the jump!

DIY To Die For: Snaps from Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” video God, this looks like it’s going to be a FANTASTICALLY tacky piece of work! And of course, we all know I LOVE TACKY. Just take a look at the psychedelic Candyland-esque shots! The candy dot heels are something I’m definitely going to have to DIY soon. And you gotta love Snoop Dog dressed as the MAYOR/PIMP OF THE LAND OF THE SWEETS. You can listen to the crazily catchy song here (Which I am currently listening to on loop).

Nerding Out: NPR’s “Telephone” Spoof Okay, nerds. Let’s hear it for NPR! I listen to National Public Radio almost every day, and you should too! It’s addicting in a very nerdy way, that’s difficult to explain. I think a lot of people think it’s weird to listen to talk radio shows when you could very easily be WATCHING someone AND listening to them at the same time. Well, not me! This cute Lady Gaga “Telephone” spoof features some of the NPR staff being goofy and alternately lip syncing the lyrics and READING THEM IN STILTED VOICES. It’s fab!

Nerding Out, Part 2: Cast of Harry Potter visits The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It’s really all about this adorable photo taken of the cast. If you’d like a better look at the inside of the place, you can see Ellen (and Ellen’s flask) take a tour of the park on this video! I am DYING to go to this park! It’s a shame it’s not in California, but I will have to venture out to the wild yonder of Florida later this year, hopefully, for the action! [EDIT] A video chronicling the cast’s tour around the park an be seen here!

Bizzaro: My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress I think I’m a little late on the boat on this one, but this blogger’s wife left him with his house and her wedding dress, telling him to “do whatever” he wants with it. As he humorously tries to find 101 uses for the dress, it’s interesting to watch his progression as he copes with this sad situation in a positive way.

Random Acts of Awesome: ImprovEverywhere brings the Ghostbusters to the NY Public Library. True New Yorkers don’t think anything is weird. If a dude dressed as a ghost sits next to you, you just let him be! I seriously LAUGHED OUT LOUD while watching this video. The reactions from the library patrons are PRICELESS. You can see a guy mouth “WHAT THE F*CK” around the 1 minute mark. These public stunts are captured by the ingenious humor group, ImprovEverywhere. Please, come to LA!

Japan, Land of Crazy: Batsu Game, also known as “Silent Library” in English. Good lord, if you do not laugh OUT LOUD in an embarrassing manner at work while watching this, there is something wrong with you. This video features a group of 8 guys who flip over cards to see who has to deal with the “batsu” or “punishment” for the round. Juvenile yet hilarious batsu include having to breath in smelly air, get nose hairs pulled out, and getting chewed on by a man with no teeth, all while having to try to be quiet because they’re supposedly in a library. Meehee. This series was remade into a short-lived series by MTV. It just didn’t have the same charm as the original, I’m afraid!

Fashion Trend: Obnoxious Colored Nails Part of my nail-color M.O. has always been to alternate colors on every finger, an easy trick that makes you look fashionable and a little eccentric all at once. This week, I combined lavender and highlighter yellow for the most hard-to-look-at combo yet! Pardon my terribly color application skills. I blame the quality of the yellow polish (bought for $1 from the fashion district, no wonder! Haha).

Suggestions for the next BunnyNet? Leave your tips in the comments section!


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