BunnyNet: May 14, 2010

14 May

Welcome to my first BunnyNet, a weekly collection of what I’ve managed to “catch” from around town and the web!


Links after the jump!

Boozin’: Byron & Cambria After Party. WTFLA (Wine Tasting For Los Angeles, wakka, wakka, wakka!) hosts a free wine tasting at Venice Beach this Tuesday, May 18th!

Munchies: Totally drool-worthy is First & Hope‘s Supper club in downtown LA. Can’t wait to try this place out! Thirsty in LA’s review is just to die for, and the eminent Mr. Jonathan Gold agrees… in his own way. A bar/supper club/jazz space, you can’t really go wrong with this venue for a date that has night-out-ADD.

Nerding Out: Marvel Vs Capcom Introduces 4 new characters. “New,” as in, “New to the Vs. Series.” These are our buddies we know from way, way back! This game looks hot… but isn’t hitting stores until next year! Ack! (Video of what they’ve got so far)

Tunes: Sarah Bareilles’ new single “King of Anything”. “‘King of Anything’ is sort of a ‘fuck you’ song,” jokes Bareilles. “I’ve had more unsolicited advice on my life than I care to mention, and this was how I dealt with it. It felt empowering to turn that frustration into music, especially a song that doesn’t even sound angry.”  You can listen to her song at Popeater.com, or over at ye olde YouTube.

Shopaholic: Fanni Shiovoni Chainmail Shoulderpiece is an immaculate take on medieval armory, sold by ASOS. My jewelry-critic associate, Chuck Stumpf of Knife + Heart, tells me of this piece, “The design is a good idea, but if you look at the closeup photos, you can see that she’s using a lower grade jump ring to make these that are kinda sharp on the edges where it closes. Don’t wear this if you have any kind of textured shirt on underneath!” Despite quality control issues, it’s still a really nice piece to ogle. Wish I had it, but for that price, I’m more likely to commission the same design with some slightly higher quality materials!

Literature/Bizzaro: Ian MacKellen Mistaken for Homeless Person. Love it. Wish I could go to the Land Down Under to see his performance in Waiting for Godot… it is absolutely one of my favorite plays. Although most people wouldn’t peg me for loving a play all about indecisiveness and terrifying existentialism as linked to a lack of self-awareness, it’s that very subject matter that reminds me to BE DECISIVE myself! A great read or watch for anyone who’s interested in the psychology of “I don’t know.” You can read the full play online, if you’re so inclined.

Fashion Education: What else does a stylist do besides dress someone well? Besides coordinating on the fashion end, there are the fussy clients, the therapy-like dressing sessions, battling with PR companies, and hoarding away items so no one else can get to them. The tell-all article in Vogue released this month is a fascinating look into the world of some of the most famous stylists. Featured in the article is the daughter of one of my aquaintances, Cristina Ehrlich, sitting pretty on a pile of to-die-for fashion items. You can see the entire article on my Flickr set (make sure you zoom in to actually read it), or buy the issue yourself and take a peek!

Suggestions for my next BunnyNet? Leave your tips in the comments section!


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