A Hair-History of a Chubby Bunny

4 May

A lot of people ask me about my hair, and how it used to look, how I decide on colors, etc. I decided to make a little history of my changing hair for the past few years, or at least, what I could find pictures of. So sit back and enjoy my tales of salon horrors, color changes, and inspiration!

Before graduating from Penn State back in 2005, I had very bright, very pink hair, with an asymmetric cut. However, in preparation to become a normal member of Japanese society as an English teacher, I had to tone it down a bit, so I transitioned my color over to a light brown, although I kept the asymmetric cut for.. probably a little too long. Enjoy the super old photos…

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This is the "I need a haircut but I feel like my Japanese isn't leveled up enough to go to a salon yet" stage. Jesus christ, the fro. Heading out to my PT job at a club in Osaka called "Sam & Dave," hence the T-shirt. March 2006.

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Slightly grey color, asymmetric cut. May 2006.

Slightly pink color I got from a store-bought box brand called Beauteen. I was reeled in by the box art done by Ai Yazawa. The color lasts approximately... 3 washes. haha. Also check out the kickin' shirt I made out of a bottle of spray bleach and some electrical tape! April 2007.

Check out the full history of hair after the jump!

Once I had my hair un-asymmetric-ed, I looked a little like this. Bottom pic from my days in the band Rolled Dice. October 2007.

After my 3 year stint in Japan, I moved out to Los Angeles, to the happy revelation that hair color wasn’t a real issue at the job I had transferred out here for.

However, what followed was a slow salon-crawl across the city on the hunt for a decent salon.

While my roommate YumeNinja and I always bleach and color our own, or each others, hair, when it comes to cutting, I’m definitely the more skittish of the two of us. When I first moved to LA, circa January of 2008, I tried out Vous Salon on Melrose, where they changed my hair from blonde and black to a bright red and black combo.

Haircut and color by Vous salon. January 2008.

Angelique, the stylist I had at first, was accommodating, showed me different shades of red she could do, and was overall very cheery and gave me a great cut. However, due to my habit of never making appointments for hair cuts, the next time I walked in I got another stylist, who shall not be named, who gave me attitude and told me that if I didn’t want to go with her suggestions, that I was probably just a boring person. Uhmm okay. So! That was my last time there.

Between that and my next cut was a good 3 or 4 months where I just said ignored the call of the hair cut. Sure, my style suffered, but shelling out upwards of $60 for a cut I didn’t know the quality of isn’t really my cup of tea.

Around this time, I had started playing around more with the color in my hair, with the help of YumeNinja, and started to put some blue in there to spice it up.

July 2008

I tossed in some pink to compliment the blue at some point. October 2008.

On recommendation from Yelp, in December 2008, I checked out the Etude Lounge in Koreatown, and got a nice stylist who, although there was a serious language barrier, gave me the cut I wanted, even though he tut-tutted about the condition of my overly bleached hair that I had just processed earlier that month to strip all the color. It was a scary time. The salon was nice enough, and so was the stylist, but the other people in the salon were copping attitude at me for no reason. I asked for an eyebrow threading after I had my hair cut, and when someone went to the woman in charge of it to ask for me, she looked over at me, rolled her eyes, and whispered not-that-quietly that she didn’t feel like doing it that day. Unfortunately, that pissed me off enough to not want to come back. Blech!

Cut by Etude Lounge. Posing with a baguette in my brother's apartment in Paris. December 2008.

After another few months, I felt like lopping off my hair again, so I decided to go back to my cheap-o method I utilized in my college years, and I signed up to be a hair model for a free hair cut at Barracuda on Melrose, with stylist Kid. He gave me a super fun cut that I really liked, and he was a great guy. I had a nice egg-shaped face after his cut, then I added in the color afterward. I would have loved to return there but unfortunately, as this was still during a very poor time in my life, I didn’t have the money to spare on a decent cut for a long time afterward.

Cut by Barracuda Salon. Color by me onesie. April 2009.

After this, I really let my hair just sort of go wild for another couple of months, and just cut bangs in for myself manually from time to time. At this point, I was able to start going with all over color due to a job change. I started out with cotton candy colors, sort of a pain to maintain, and a little weird with my skin tone. It was fun for a little while though!

Heading out to the MTV Movie awards with cotton candy-colored hair. May 2009.

I ended up switching the placement of the pink and blue, and started doing princess leia-inspired looks for a while, too. On my way to work at the JapanLA 3 year anniversary party. June 2009.

For a while, I made the foray into darker blue and red. Attending Betsey Johnson's in-store birthday party. August 2009.

I got into the habit of dying extensions to match my current hair color. Here, I've sort of graduated to pink and a darker blue. Taken by Cute N Nast at the Three Apples Exhibition held by Sanrio. November 2009.

With advice from Tess and YumeNinja, I went with peacock colors, and changed the tint of my blue and added in green. January 2010.

Around December, I got a coupon for a free cut at J Nelson salon in Beverly hills, so I ponied on over in January of 2010 for a cut… the stylist was quite nice, and the cut was just a quick easy trim, which I didn’t even think to take photos of, it was so uneventful. Just based on their kindness, I thought about going there again, but when I saw how much a regular cut cost ($120 and upwards) I gave up on that dream.

At the end of February, I decided to go a bit different, and go with an asymmetrical bang, combined with one whole side of my hair being longer, a look I had previously sported when I lived in Japan. I ended up choosing Sirens Hair Salon, a cute little salon off of Melrose where all of the stylists have funky colored hair, and the vibe is very cute and trendy. I sort of described what I wanted to the stylist, and showed her a picture of what I wanted. She was very spot on when it came to the front of the look, but the back was very bowl-shaped and blunt, even thought I had asked for layers. I was still pretty much overall pleased with the look and attentiveness of the stylist, but felt like something was still missing.

Haircut by Sirens hair salon.

So, that brings us to May 2010! This past Saturday, I decided to go back to basics and just go to a Japanese hair salon, the homies I trusted my tresses to for the better part of 4 years of my life. Van Van  Hair Salon is a cute unassuming place, full of Japanese natives who cut to kill. My stylist was Makoto, a kickass stylist who moved to the states only 6 years ago to be a hair stylist here. I briefly described what I wanted, asked “Please make it guchagucha and spikey,” in Japanese and off she went! I am more than pleased with the results. There is SO much more texture and versatility with the layers in this cut, and overall, I’m pretty happy! I even scored a point card to go back there again and again to eventually receive a discount after so many cuts. I definitely recommend Van Van and Makoto! Of course… the irony of the fact that this cut so closely resembles that of 2007’s cuts DOES NOT ESCAPE ME.

Cut by Makoto at Van Van salon. May 2010.

And as for right now, I’m still looking into changing my hair color again. Hmm.

And that, my friends, is a Hair-history of a Chubby Bunny.


2 Responses to “A Hair-History of a Chubby Bunny”

  1. voldemort May 5, 2010 at 1:13 am #

    you look great with asymmetrical cuts! hot stuff baby~

  2. Sophie June 23, 2010 at 9:18 am #

    hi!! urm you said that you and your roommate dyed your own hair ~~ where do you get the dyes from?? the colours are awesome!! XD

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