Display Beast: Green Day Musical at Bloomingdale’s

29 Apr

Today, Bloomingdales on 59rd St in New York unveiled their American Idiot-themed windows, as a collaboration with the new musical of the same name.

Designers were probably thinking… “Ok… we need PUNK and we need ROCK and we need GRAFFITTI.”

The windows are cute, and probably reflect actual scenes from the musical, which is getting rave reviews, mysteriously. Having not seen it yet myself, I can only comment on the windows themselves, which have a nice amount of mannequin interaction that’s failry uncommon in these kinds of displays. I’m not really a fan of the BIG WORDS SCRAWELED ON WALL THING, as I feel it’s a little passe, and reminds me too much of other things I’ve seen already. The display featured Nudie clothing, Gibson guitars, and a 10-year old with a marker.

My favorite is the first image I have posted, with the square light-up frame. Good use of lighting to create the “stage” feel of it, although I’m not totally sure what’s up with the table. As an Asian, I am always offended when I see people put SHOES on FURNITURE. Yuck! Perhaps could have done it better with the mannequins doing that jumping-while-slamming-guitar pose suspended in the air.

Judge for yourself!

Photos brought to you by BroadwayWorld!


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