Shang,ri-LA Nails: Insanity at your fingertips

30 Jul

The reason I haven’t posted lately is because of THESE:

Yes, These are, as we speak, attached to my fingers. Since last week. Hence…. no extraneous typing for a bit there.

3D nail art is very “in” in the Asia, as I call it, and each crazy shape on my nails was artfully sculpted on as we requested any cutesy sweet shape we could think of. This nail bling phenomenon i something a lot of Lolitas employ to make their crazier outfits even crazier: by taking away the use of their hands.

I was the hand model for a Gothic & Lolita article that we have slated for the December issue.

Hand model.

No, I’m not J.P. Prewitt. (If you haven’t watched Zoolander and therefor have o idea what I’m talking about, please STOP READING IMMEDIATELY AND GO WATCH THAT MOVIE.)

Of note is the lovely layered cake the nail artist made (3rd photo). She sculpted a triangle base, then created each cake layer by adding another triangular piece of acrylic on top. She even had a row of CHERRIES.

After molding cupcakes, balloons, hearts, and bows onto each nails, she then proceeded to BEDAZZLE her creations with varying sizes of sequins. Bedazzle. On my fingers. I rather feel like a genie, wizard, Jubliee from te X-Men, or other mystical type of magical being who can produce sparkles from his or her fingertips.

This process of lovely-fying your nails is highly recommended, if very pricy. Save it for special occasions, mental health days, or a period of your life where you will not have to use your hands very much (this is what hand-maidens/boyfriends/buddies are for, I’ve found out)

Shang,ri-LA Nails (yes, that is how they place their commas and hyphens in their actual name)
Torrance, CA
They are absolute dolls, and if you can, request Kyoko.


3 Responses to “Shang,ri-LA Nails: Insanity at your fingertips”

  1. Polinees August 4, 2008 at 4:59 pm #

    That's serious dedication to fashion. How do you get them off?

  2. Callie Cat August 5, 2008 at 5:26 am #

    how much did it cost?

  3. Michelle Monster August 5, 2008 at 2:06 pm #

    Polinees: You soak them in acetone for 20 minutes… supposedly. I STILL CAN'T GET MINE OFF.callie_cat: The base usually costs between $40 – $50, and each nail, depending on design and amount of time spent on it can cost you between $4 – $8 each. You can check their site for their price menu.

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